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Baseball, game played with a bat, a ball, and gloves between two teams of nine players each on a field with four bases laid out in a diamond. Long called America's 'national pastime' and thought to have been invented in the U.S., the game was actually derived from the English game of rounders. The 50 Greatest Baseball Books of All Time | HuffPost The best, though, is the essay by Ron Shelton (who wrote "Bull Durham" among other sports films) about Steve Dalkowski, perhaps the fastest pitcher in baseball history whose drinking and wildness kept him from becoming a major leaguer, much less a star. Baseball Quotes - BrainyQuote A lot of people tell me now I'm their inspiration. They say, 'I don't play baseball,' and then they mention whatever - engineer, doctor, college student, high school student - but they're hurt because, for some reason, people feel shame about themselves or embarrassed because they are short or skinny or fat or whatever. Sports Basics: Softball and Baseball Rules and Regulations The defense wears leather baseball or softball gloves that fits on the hand. It's used to catch the ball. A baseball is a white ball roughly three inches in diameter with red stitching. A softball is about twice as big as a baseball and is sometimes yellow. Contrary to the name, a softball isn't softer than a baseball.

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The first baseball strike goes into effect Players went on their first strike. It wouldn't be the last. 1929: Babe Ruth makes baseball history Babe Ruth hit his 500th home run, making baseball history. 1936: The Baseball Hall of Fame is opened The Baseball Hall of Fame opened in this year. They inducted five players into their first Hall of Fame. 1943 Jackie Robinson | Teen Ink Jackie Robinson MAG. Fifty years ago, Jackie Roosevelt Robinson became the first black player to play in a Major League baseball game. The day he stepped onto Ebbets Field on April 15, 1947 he broke the color barrier, and paved the way for other black athletes. 168 Words Short Essay on Sports for kids - 196 Words Short Essay on Health for kids is an online article publishing site that helps you to submit your knowledge so that it may be preserved for eternity. All the articles you read in this site are contributed by users like you, with a single vision to liberate knowledge. 15 Interesting Facts Baseball Fans Might Not Know | Bleacher ... Baseball is America's pastime and has seen its share of interesting occurrences and just plain goofy history. That is part of the allure of baseball to hear about or see weird things happen; to witness a rare feat; or to see something that will never be duplicated. It is why America has a love affair with baseball.

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Baseball History Essay - 417 Words Baseball is North America's oldest and most storied professional team sport. Certainly, there have been numerous moments which are still remembered by baseball fans of all ages many years after they happened.

HISTORY OF BASEBALL The media was the core engine in the realization and growth of baseball game; featuring Henry Chadwick as the “baseball father.”(See Jules Tygiel - historian)1 Henry Chadwick, who lived between 5th October 1824 and April 20th 1908 was often regarded the “baseball father.”

The first formal baseball league outside of the United States and Canada was founded in 1878 in Cuba, which maintains a rich baseball tradition and whose national team has been one of the world's strongest. International tours seeded the game throughout the world in the 20th century. Who Invented Baseball? - HISTORY As it turns out, the real history of baseball is a little more complicated than the Doubleday legend. References to games resembling baseball in the United States date back to the 18th century. Baseball - Wikipedia

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A Brief History of Baseball – Professional baseball was built on the foundation of the amateur leagues that preceded it. Interest in baseball as a spectator sport had been nourished for more than 25 years when the first professional league began operation. The National Association fielded nine teams in 1871, and grew to 13 teams by 1875. The National Association was short ... A Brief History of the Baseball | Arts & Culture | Smithsonian A Brief History of the Baseball The development of the baseball, from shoe rubber and lemon peels to today’s minimalist, modernist object Essay on The History of Baseball - 1294 Words | Cram